Wiring and electrical-installation closets and their components

Telecommunication networks are often built under the specific climate conditions and in places that lack the necessary infrastructure. Therefore, in the construction of networks we focus special attention to telecommunication nodes, the so-called “field” equipment installation, with emphasis on ensuring uninterrupted power supply in rooms with controlled climatic conditions to protect equipment from external factors.

Among the variety of facilities to accommodate telecommunications equipment GC “Ocean” offers a wide range of wiring and electrical (-installation) closets. Within the nomenclature of our products we should define three main types of products: telecommunications containers, enclosures and electrical-installation closets.

Due to their design features, containers and enclosures are suitable for installation on the ground, foundation blocks or unloading frame of building roofs, whereas electrical closets (depending on the version – indoor or outdoor) are better to be installed on the walls of buildings or facilities, or equipment modules.


‘KT’ telecommunication containers:

  • are self-contained modular spaces intended for the installation of telecommunications equipment and the necessary additional pieces of equipment to ensure smooth operation of assemblies;
  • enable rapid installation and start of telecommunications equipment or its delivery to another location;
  • provide maximum protection of communications equipment, its smooth and stable operation with a continuous connection to the supply mains and telecommunications;
  • provide necessary and sufficient anti-vandal protection.

Specification for ‘KT’ telecommunication containers:

Item code КТ.2 КТ.3 КТ.4 КТ.5
Dimensions, m 2,0 х 2,3 х 2,9 3,0 х 2,3 х 2,9 4,0 х 2,3 х 2,9 5,0 х 2,3 х 2,9
Walls   Skin sheet metal, insulation – insulation type «ISOVER»
Floor  Sheets OSB, covered with antistatic linoleum
Roof Gable,  sheet metal
Door Door armoured metal, single
Payload Up to 2 struts 

wireless and GPSS

Up to 4 struts 

wireless and GPSS

Up to 6 struts 


Up to 6 struts 



‘SHK.T enclosures are designed for accommodation and operation of telecommunications and other equipment outside the buildings or in rooms that do not support the conditions for the normal functioning of the equipment.
Engineering infrastructure of the enclosure supports certain climatic conditions in the active part, regardless of the environmental conditions and protects the equipment inside from dust and moisture. Mounting dimension allows one to use equipment up to 36 U high within the standards 21″ and / or 19″ and 600 mm deep.
Enclosure frame, panels and doors are made of steel sheet 1.5 mm thick and are powder coated (color is gray).

93e961fce514027024929c5570f8cb63_0_1000_0Closets are installed on the base. The base has a natural ventilation system that prevents vapor from the cable inside the joint box. The principle of built-up design enables the installation of the closets in any room with a standard doorway.

Closet design protects well against unauthorized access to the inside, the doors are equipped with a latch lock (locks in three directions) and the remote control sensors.

Protection against moisture and dust is provided by rubber-sealed door contour and cable entrances.

We offer standard ‘SHK.T closets sized 1.8 x 1.1 x 0.75 m as well as closets with individual size upon the customer’s request.

5a48a926f928fbf98b24d8adbea60564_0_1000_0GC “Ocean” production department also offers a variety of accessories for ‘K’ and ‘SHK.T wiring closets, such as ice-protectors and ladder to get to the containers.

Ice-protection is designed to protect the wiring closet from ice falling from the antenna supports, roofs or other high-rise buildings. It incorporates a frame made of angle rolled steel and panels of expanded steel sheet 3mm-thick. Ice-protection supports have flanges for mounting on the roof of the container; the panels are inserted between the supports.

44fbba2f784c4c6e10d8e218229799d0_0_1000_0The size of ice-protection is determined either by the size of the wiring closets to be protected, with a tolerance of 0.3 m in length and width, or by individual customer’s design.

Ladders to access the wiring closets are also made of angle rolled steel at the base and of expanded steel sheets 3mm-thick that are used as horizontal surfaces.

All components of the wiring closets are hot dip-galvanized to prevent corrosion.