Team of GC «Ocean»

The key of our success is our people.

Team of GC “Ocean” is a close-knit team of specialists and fellow-thinkers who have many years’ experience in construction of high-tech mobile communication facilities.

The core of the team consists of high-class managers who have experience in projects of various kinds. At the same time, new professional staff constantly joins our team, including: PhD, former employees of large state construction projects, chief project engineers of leading industry research and design institutes, authors of monographs on software, young ambitious graduates of universities with a prospect of career growth.

0ddde5a70f4ef4fc2d174d47585b7c11 Production activity of the company is performed by a highly qualified team of constructors and high riggers, most of which are certified by the leading manufacturers of telecommunications equipment.

Specificity of GC “Ocean” activities requires a responsible approach to the structure formation of our own workforce. Due to the use of new technologies and equipment we hold regular events to improve skills of employees. At the same time, business leaders of GC “Ocean” encourage the individual pursuit to self-development, search for new fields of knowledge and professional skills improvement.
Certified professionals in every area of GC “Ocean” activity allows us under otherwise equal conditions to gain a competitive advantage in the performance of work without resorting to third-party organizations which is particularly important for the “turn-key” projects.


Setting high standards in business culture we encourage every employee to use his/her professionalism to support the status of GC “Ocean” as a leader in its market segment. For this reason we try to create the working conditions which can maximize the potential of our employees and help them achieve the best results in their work.