History of GC “Ocean” is a path from one company whose sole activity was building of mobile communication facilities to a diversified conglomerate of several companies that provide a wide range of services in various fields.

Инжиниринговая деятельность

Engineering activities

services of general contractor and general designer, project management, pre-development analysis, project work, selection and delivery of equipment and technologies, registration of land use rights, legalization of projected facilities, technical and design supervision, electrical measurement laboratory services and so on.

Building activity

building and installation work at mobile communication facilities, steel erection of any complexity, construction of industrial infrastructure of agricultural facilities, electrical work, installation of lightning protection systems and protective grounding, prefabricated and monolithic foundations, construction of fiber-optic communication lines, general civil construction, overhaul and repair of buildings, maintenance of communication production facilities and so on.

Строительная деятельность
Производственная деятельность

Production activity

production and mounting of antenna mast structures both on the ground and on the roof, production of lightweight structures to accommodate antenna-feeder devices, equipment modules, lightning protection system and protective grounding components, production of unloading frames of any complexity, specialized equipment, technical and food containers for household and industrial purposes, heating elements and so on.

Trading and Logistics

trade of AMS and components, light metal structures and components, equipment modules, technical and food containers for household and industrial purposes, heating elements, logistics for group of companies, implementation of logistics projects at regional and national level, and so on.

Торговая деятельность и логистика


installation and commissioning of mobile communication facilities, controllers and transmission nodes of telecommunication services, audit quality of telecommunications services, installation of indoor-coverage, “last mile” service for the customer’s facilities, customer consulting on telecommunications services and so on.

Security and fire alarm systems and video surveillance systems

installation of fire alarm and fire suppression systems, fire alarm output to a central monitoring station, automatic and autonomous security systems, access control, video surveillance for individuals and industrial facilities, wireless video surveillance systems and so on.

Охранно-пожарные сигнализации и системы видеонаблюдения