Certificates and awards

GC “Ocean” has been much acknowledged in the business environment. For three years GC has been recognized an “Industry Leader” by the National Business Rating. This, in our opinion, proves the high standards of our work better than any words said.


Overcoming the crisis of 2008-2009 allowed us to find additional internal resources, optimize production processes and to enter the top of the best companies in our country for the first time in the history, coming third in the National Business Rating of Ukraine.

Implementation of a number of major projects enabled us to rise to higher level within the ranking of the leading companies in the industry and come second among the enterprises of Ukraine in the field.
A greater range of our activities, multi-brand reorientation and international expansion are gave us the opportunity to get a top the best companies of the construction industry in Ukraine.
In 2016 the company was awarded by Huawei as the best quality partner.
At Global Engineering Partner Convention, carried out by Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. in Shenzhen (China) on February 16-17, 2017, the quality of our work has received international recognition.

The quality of our work and services depends both on the production standards adopted by the company and on the continuous advanced training of the company’s employees.

Internal production standards adopted in 2011 and appropriately certified allow us to meet the needs and expectations of our customers at a high level for many years.
Training our professionals in technical supervision allows our company not only to refuse the services of outside organizations, thereby optimizing the company’s own business and production processes, but also encourage the initiation of another portion of new activities for us.
Education and training of employees have always been among the priorities of the GC “Ocean”. Obtaining this certificate has not only allowed us to improve the performance of our design work, but also to provide engineering services for the needs of other customers.

We stay abreast of the latest innovations in their field which contributes to the great success of our GC. Besides, one of our priorities is to constantly train our employees to use the main technological equipment used for the company’s work.

Participation in the Andrew Training Program offered by the CommScope Infrastructure Academy (previously offered by the Andrew Institute, whereas Andrew Corporation is a leading manufacturer of antenna-feeder systems for mobile communication networks) has allowed us to service our customer networks at a high quality level.
The “Nokia Solutions and Networks” company is one of the main suppliers of telecommunication equipment for mobile operators. Training within its programs allows us to know well the features of the equipment, supplied by this company.
The “Ericsson” company is also a leading provider of telecommunications equipment for communications networks. Knowing their products’ specifics including installation and commissioning contributes to the formula of success at the market.
Air Conditioning is one of the main auxiliary systems installed at the facilities to be built.
Despite the apparent insignificance of the equipment supplied by the company (sealing systems for cable entrances in the base station control rooms), its correct use helps to avoid many problems in the subsequent operation of telecommunications equipment.