The company serviced 1,373 sites, including:

  • Construction and electrical installation work at 1001 sites;
  • IT -services at 82 sites;
  • Maintenance at 103 sites;
  • Emergency repair work at 93 sites;
  • Engineering services at 94 sites.
mts A full range of “turn-key” tasks within the General Contract with
PrAO “MTS Ukraine”, PrJSC
39 sites
mts Modernization of the base stations within the SWAP BS project for PrAO “MTS Ukraine”, PrJSC 170 sites
ООО «Хуавей Украина» Construction, installation and commissioning work at the facilities of the base stations for OOO «Huawei Ukraine”, LLC (for mobile operator OOO “Astelit”, LLC) 30 sites
ООО «Современные инженерные сети» Installation of free cooling systems of at the base station facilities for OOO “Sovremennye Ingenernye Seti”, LLC (for mobile operator PrAO  “MTS Ukraine”, PrJSC) 762 sites
mts Maintenance of mobile communication base stations for PrAO “MTS Ukraine”, PrJSC 103 sites
mts Repair and restoration of guaranteed power systems at base stations for PrAO  “MTS Ukraine”, PrJSC 93 sites
mts Legalization of mobile communication infrastructure facilities for PrAO  “MTS Ukraine”, PrJSC “ 46 sites
mts A range of design work for the modernization of communication controllers for PrAO  “MTS Ukraine”, PrJSC facilities