The company serviced 228 facilities, including:

  • Construction and electrical installation tasks at 61 sites;
  • IT -services at 87 sites;
  • Maintenance at 90 sites;
  • Engineering services at 28 sites.
mts A full range of “turn-key” tasks within the General Contract with
PrAO “MTS Ukraine”, PrJSC
28 sites
УТЕЛ Installation and commissioning of base stations for DP “Utel”, SE 41 sites
УТЕЛ Installation and commissioning of base CDMA -450 stations for  PAO “Sitronics Information Technologies of Ukraine”, PJSC (for mobile operator PrAO “MTS Ukraine”, LLC) 36 sites
Укртелемонт МТС Construction, power supply and legalization of mobile communication facilities OOO “Ukrtelemont GROUP”, LLC (the fifth phase, for mobile operator – PrAO “MTS Ukraine”, PrJSC) 20 sites
Дека Сервис A range of service operations at mobile communication facilities for OOO “Deka Service”, LLC (for mobile operator  OOO “Astelit”, LLC) more than 90 sites
Телесистемы Украины Construction of base stations for OOO “Telesystems of Ukraine”, LLC 3 sites
Интернациональные телекоммуникации Construction and commissioning of base stations for OOO “International Telecommunications”, LLC 10 sites